Attons Autos

We are reliable automotive professionals with over 30 years of experience in the motor trade. We listen to our customers and work with them providing only the highest quallity parts and service. From a blown fuse to a major service, cam belts and clutches through to full diagnostics we have got it covered. Now is the time for your vehicle safety checks to begin, don't allow those noisy brakes and squealing belts fail you when you need your car most. Lights; Make sure that all your lights are working and where possible carry some spare bulbs in your glove box.

Most parts stockist can help you with a ready-made box of assorted bulbs that are suitable for your car. Don't forget to check your warning lights on your dash as well! Oil; make sure to check your oil level but don't over fill it, that can do as much harm as too little oil. Always check the grade that your car needs and if in doubt - ask there are so many to choose from and the wrong oil can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.