MK Motor Services

When it comes to servicing and maintaining vehicles, MK Motor Services is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand service centres in Bexhill. The number of private motorists and local businesses choosing our garage first for vehicle servicing and repair work continues to increase as word about our firm's outstanding reputation for quality workmanship at sensible prices spreads throughout the local area. Established in 2005 by highly experienced vehicle technician, Michael Burton, MK Motor Services is a member of the Autocrew network and we are fully committed to bringing you a high quality service. Backed by Bosch, one of the most respected brands in the automotive repair industry, Autocrew is a network of quality, trustworthy and independent garages that offer a comprehensive range of services for all vehicle makes and models. The Autocrew workshop brand and garage programme is owned by Bosch, the world's largest independent supplier of parts to the automotive sector.