Smart Car Specialist

As an established, independent, contracted Smart technician for many years, Sasho decided to open the 'Smart Car Specialist Ltd' garage, with the unit opening in Guildford in late 2009. As the business began to grow it became apparent that Sasho was unable to split himself into 'receptionist', 'office manager' and 'specialist technician', so a year later Mike was invited to join the company, bringing with him his Smart Car enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge about the fabulous little cars.

Having previously worked together and being friends it seemed the perfect partnership. Mike has now established his role as office manager, leaving Sasho to concentrate on the technical side. Those who have experienced the service at 'Smart Car Specialist Ltd' will testify to the professionalism of both Sasho and Mike, along with friendly advice for any Smart issues that may present, and quite often a welcoming cup of tea!