Trojan Garage

Keeping good cars on the road and unwanted or abandoned cars off our roads has always been an important part of what we do. We recycle what we can such as Batteries, Catalytic Convertors, Tyres, Fuel, etc as we are a responsible local business that cares for the community.

General car repairs can range from the every day servicing needs of your vehicle like brake pad or wing mirror replacement to the not so frequent things like having a new exhaust pipe fitted. In our experience, many customers put off every day car repairs, worried that the cost will be too high. However, Trojan pride ourselves on offering affordable vehicle repairs across our entire range of services. This simple policy is what we think keeps our customers happy, is less of a burden on their wallet or purse and keeps us as their first choice whenever they need their vehicle looking after. See our full range of Garage Repair Services Here.